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Training Lab Classes

Strength and cardio training sessions at Perth gym Drive360.

Welcome to the Experience!

Train hard, the right way!

  • Made up of strength and cardio these training sessions will push your limits and burn calories.
  • Become the athlete within, by appreciating the subtleties of the human matrix.
  • Join an awesome community that will push your limits and help you succeed.
  • While we do progress and regress the exercise patterns to suit individual needs in our classes you still need the basic FUNdamental movement strategies to get started:
    • On Saturday mornings we show you the DRIVE360 way of moving, to make sure that you’re not only training the patterns that we are targeting correctly, but giving your body more of what it needs to look and feel great. Access to the class is also included in your Experience membership!
    • Can’t make the Saturday morning? Schedule in a $20 session with one of our trainers. 🙂

Experience classes are bigger and more energized than our semi-private training and have up to 15 members in per class.

HOW are the DRIVE360 ‘Experience’ classes different?

The problem with the popular 28-day challenges, Les Mills or Bootcamps, is the lack of quality coaching and/or no thought to planning or programming. Drive360’s ‘Experience’ sessions ensure quality coaching is maintained consistently and programmed quarterly in advance so that you receive the very best.


Although the training is in a large group it doesn’t mean you are stuck doing what everyone else is doing! After all you have your own unique ways of moving and we pride ourselves on giving you the best every training session. We do this by firstly knowing all of the subtle movement variances during a movement, prescribing the right exercises that are suited to you at the right time (not just throw you under a bar, because that’s what we have always done), and continuing to progress the movement when need be. Doing this in a high energy, well coached environment will provide the ingredients for achieving your goals.

That means even our group classes are individualised to you and your needs!
What nearly 85% of our clients ask for…

We never hear our clients say they want to look like a pro bodybuilder or power lifter, we usually hear “I want to feel/look like an ATHLETE”. Just what does that look like? Well after you have breathed, smashed, jumped, bounded, push, pulled and worked your cardiac system… you can tell us 😉

We address all your needs in just one session!

Contact us now to book your next journey!


Monday to Thu: 6pm & 7pmFri: 6pm
Tue to Thu: 7amSat: 8am


2 x per week – $59
3 x per week – $69
4 x per week – $79