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Junior Development

Perth gym Drive360 have developed Junior Sports Development sessions specifically for your child.

Kids these days lead a much more sedentary lifestyle than generations before them. This sedentary lifestyle has a negative impacts their development of the basic movement skills they need to learn early in life – such as the ABC’s, Agility, Balance and Coordination. These are vital skills which serve them throughout their life to ensure safe and effective movement. The result of which is that they are at a heightened risk for a plethora of health issues, including cardiovascular, diabetes and a heightened risk of sports injuries to name a few.

At DRIVE360 we understand the incredible impact physical literacy, movement and strength has on a range of aspects for athletes. Multiple studies support the positive impact of physical fitness on:

  • A greater range of sports skills which increase their ability to perform better in their chosen sport.
  • Improved attention and productivity across multiple areas of their life
  • Improved social skills
  • Reduced anxiety and depression
  • Provide the right foundation to encourage an active lifestyle as adults
  • Improves the performance on neural aspects, such as mental clarity, problem solving and memory storage and recall.

We understand the importance of this for our Juniors, as well as the importance for the session to be fun and engaging. This is why we have developed these sessions specifically with your child in mind. Physical literacy, movement and strength learned in our sessions is our, and your gift to your child which will serve them throughout their life.

Session Availability:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday: 4pm to 5pm
2 x per week – $39
3 x per week – $49
4 x per week – $59