At DRIVE360, we invite you to discover how a fresh, expert approach to inside-out fitness can seamlessly undo all that desk, and couch sitting better than any gym membership card you’ve ever carried! And the differences you’ll see in the mirror will tell only half the story..


Contact us on to book in your complimentary consultation with one of our expert coaches and they will be able to help you choose the option best suited to you.

Client Testimonials

There is a unique vibe and feel at this gym and working with Aaron Doyle. He challenges your movement and body, and is constantly improving his knowledge to ensure you get the best. – Katie Must LPGA Professional Golfer

Membership Options

Semi Private

– 45 Minute Sessions
– Introduction to strength training
– Programs updated regularly to keep you fresh and keep the results coming!
– Initial Diagnostic Assessments – to start you on your journey at the right point in the exercise continuum.
– Great value with prices starting at $50 per week!

Group Classes

– 60 Minute Sessions
– Personalised progressions and regressions for every client!
– Indoor and Outdoor training
– FUN!
– High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Personal Training 1-on-1

– 45min sessions from $75
– Faster Results
– Expert Guidance from our expert coaches
– Personal Accountability
– Save Money – All Personal Training clients receive group training and open gym sessions as complimentary extras when they purchase their PT Package.